If Biden wins, deprive Americans of the right to arms

The national rifle Association of the United States said that by becoming President, democratic candidate Joe Biden will repeal the second amendment, which guarantees Americans the right to bear arms. “America will become unrecognizable,” the message posted on Twitter emphasizes.

In the US, gun sales to African-Americans are growing

Last year, Biden unveiled an entire plan that includes a complete ban on the possession of live firearms. At the same time, the politician spoke out against the forced confiscation of such weapons, choosing another option – “remove the barrels from the streets” through the “national redemption program”. This is the only way, according to Biden, to “end the epidemic of violence” in the United States.

The national rifle Association of the United States supports the current American leader, Donald trump. And in 2016, she sent $ 36 million to the Republican campaign headquarters, TASS recalls.