Abe on the phone notified trump of his resignation

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held telephone talks with US President Donald trump on Monday. He notified the American leader of his desire to resign due to health problems.

Japan’s new Prime Minister will be chosen in September

According to the Kyodo news Agency, trump became the first foreign leader with whom the Japanese Prime Minister spoke after announcing his upcoming resignation, TASS writes. Talks with leaders of other countries are also planned in the near future.

Earlier, Donald trump has already said that he is very saddened by the departure of Shinzo Abe, whom he called his “very good friend”. According to the white house host, he has a great relationship with Abe.

Recall that on August 28, the Prime Minister of Japan officially announced his resignation due to poor health. He stressed that he gave all his strength to work. “For a politician, the most important thing is the result,” Abe summed up, specifying that he cannot remain in office in the current state. Recall that Shinzo Abe is the absolute record holder for the longest continuous tenure of the Prime Minister in the history of Japan (7 years and 8 months).