The Pentagon is going to fight Russia all over the world

The Secretary of defense mark Esper stated that the United States must be prepared for confrontation with Russia and China around the world. This is reported by Reuters.

The head of the military Department noted that Russia and China are present in different parts of the world. Esper noted that the US needs to be ready to deal with these countries both in the middle East, the Arctic, Europe, and the Indo-Pacific region. He added that for the successful fight, Washington is going to invest in the development of new generation technologies.

Earlier, a video was published of how a Russian armored personnel carrier (BTR-82A) rammed the American International MaxxPro near the village of Derik in Syria. This happened after us armored vehicles blocked the road for Russian transport. After the clash of patrols, the Russian and US generals spoke by phone, but the details of the conversation were not disclosed.