Ex-head of us intelligence told lies in the case of collusion between trump and Russia

The case of alleged collusion between the campaign staff of Donald trump and the Russian authorities is based entirely on lies. This was stated by former acting Director of national intelligence Richard Grenell, reports TASS.

According to him, in connection with his position, he had the opportunity to get acquainted with the materials of the case of alleged collusion, which was prepared by the us Democratic party. He noted that the information provided by the Democrats just made him feel bad, because it was completely false. Grenell stressed that the administration of former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden silenced many intelligence officials who opposed it, and also lied to judges to keep everything secret about the case.

Earlier, a former lawyer for the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), Kevin Klinsmith, pleaded guilty to falsifying the grounds for investigating alleged collusion between US President Donald trump and Russia. During a court hearing in the case, an ex-FBI employee said that he corrected an email related to a former assistant to the trump presidential campaign, Carter page. Thanks to this, the FBI obtained a Federal warrant in 2016, which allowed the Agency to begin monitoring page.

In April 2019, the full text of special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 us presidential election was published. According to his conclusions, Moscow did influence them — in particular, the Russian GRU (GU) passed to WikiLeaks materials of the us Democratic party. The subject of the investigation was also a possible connection between trump and the Russian government. The authors of the report concluded that there was no collusion between trump and Russia.